Landon Porter

Unarmed Combat

Fighting Unarmed All characters are capable of lashing out with available limbs and other appropriate body parts as an unarmed attack. The standard unarmed attack for a Medium or Small character deals 1d6 x2 bludgeoning damage (see Unarmed Attack in the [[Weapons Chapter]]). Unarmed attacks against objects with at least 1 point of hardness deal […]

Two-Weapon Fighting

Fighting With Two Weapons Any character may wield a second weapon in their non-dominant hand (known as your off hand). If they do, they may choose to make an attack with that weapon instead of with their main hand weapon at no penalty.   Two-Weapon Fighting Feats Two-Weapon Combat [Battle Stance, Combatant] Benefit: While in […]

Arcane Amatures

 Aware that their limited pool of arcane energy is a liability, magi long ago developed a means of channeling even the most minuscule amounts of energy either from within or ambient to the environment into an offense that, while weaker than a spell, is a match for most mundane weapons. Armatures take many forms, usually […]

Chemical Soldier

Not everyone fights with spell or sword. Some fight with the fruits of their intellect.   None reflect this credo quite so literally as the chemical soldier. Armed with alchemical compounds composed of local ingredients in the correct proportions alongside specially prepared catalyzers, strike-anywhere matches, and a knack for mixing on the fly, the chemical […]


 [Accelerated Ritual] By strategically anchoring and controlling strands of force, you are capable of lifting and manipulating objects. Level 2, R2 Reagents: None Casting Time: 1 minute Affinity: Vox Spellcraft DC: 15 You create an intangible, barely visible mass of tendrils made of magical force that remains in existence for as long as you Concentrate. […]

Raise Stone Wall

[Accelerated Ritual] Earthen or stone barriers protect most homesteads and farming enclaves thanks to their ease of creation and general sturdiness even with a lack of upkeep. Level 2, R2 Reagents: None Casting Time: 5 rounds Affinity: Ere-a Spellcraft DC: 15 You raise a 5ft cube of compacted earth, stone, sand or clay from the […]


[Accelerated Ritual] The staple of the ere-a mage’s repertoire, the ability to use the power of magic to dig pits, tunnels and earthworks makes them of great value to cities and conquerors alike. Level 2, R2 Reagents: None Casting Time: 5 rounds Affinity: Ere-a Spellcraft DC: 15 You shift and compact a 5ft cube of […]