Raise Stone Wall

[Accelerated Ritual]

Earthen or stone barriers protect most homesteads and farming enclaves thanks to their ease of creation and general sturdiness even with a lack of upkeep.

Level 2, R2

Reagents: None

Casting Time: 5 rounds

Affinity: Ere-a

Spellcraft DC: 15

You raise a 5ft cube of compacted earth, stone, sand or clay from the ground, creating a unworked stone or earth wall 5ft thick, 5ft tall and 5ft wide in a space within 20ft of you. For every 5 points by which you exceed the Spellcraft DC, you may raise an additional 5ft cube. Additional cubes can add dimensions to an existing unworked stone or earth wall; making it thicker, taller or wider by 5ft.


Creatures occupying spaces affected by this ritual can tell what spaces are being raised and easily avoid them.


The caster may take a voluntary -10 penalty to their Spellcraft check to create a hewn stone wall instead, or a -20 penalty to create a masonry wall.


Special: If more than one caster performs this ritual simultaneously within 20ft of one another, all involved casters gain a +2 to their spellcraft rolls for each additional mage taking part in the ritual.


Special: If you have an Expertise related to masonry or architecture, you may add your Expertise bonus to this Spellcraft roll.


Ritual Cost: 200gp

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