[Accelerated Ritual]

The staple of the ere-a mage’s repertoire, the ability to use the power of magic to dig pits, tunnels and earthworks makes them of great value to cities and conquerors alike.

Level 2, R2

Reagents: None

Casting Time: 5 rounds

Affinity: Ere-a

Spellcraft DC: 15

You shift and compact a 5ft cube of earth, stone, sand or clay within 20ft of you, creating an empty space in its place. For each 5 points by which you exceed the Spellcraft DC, you may affect an additional 5ft cube. Creatures occupying affected spaces can tell what squares are being excavated and easily avoid them.


Tunnels created by the excavation ritual are stable and require no additional reinforcement.


Attempting to excavate hewn stone increases the DC by 10. Attempting to excavate masonry increases the DC by 20.


Special: If more than one caster performs this ritual simultaneously within 20ft of one another, all involved casters gain a +2 to their spellcraft rolls for each additional mage taking part in the ritual within 20ft of them.


Special: If you have an Expertise related to mining or structural engineering, you may add your Expertise bonus to this Spellcraft roll.


Ritual Cost: 200gp

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