[Accelerated Ritual]

By strategically anchoring and controlling strands of force, you are capable of lifting and manipulating objects.

Level 2, R2

Reagents: None

Casting Time: 1 minute

Affinity: Vox

Spellcraft DC: 15

You create an intangible, barely visible mass of tendrils made of magical force that remains in existence for as long as you Concentrate. This mass can lift, carry or drag one object (including full containers, but excluding aggregate masses such as a mound of sand or a quantity of loose rocks, or liquids) as if it had a STR score equal to the Spellcraft result minus 10 and with a range of 2 squares +1 square for every 3 points by which you beat the Spellcraft DC.


By voluntarily taking a -10 penalty to the Spellcraft check, you can move aggregate mass as well as liquids.


Ritual Cost: 200gp

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