It is a documented fact that humans are cross-fertile with almost every humanoid species on Ere. While there are many theories about how this trait came to be, there is one unassailable fact: the most successful result of cross-species intermingling is the half-elf. So successful and prolific is this lineage that they are verifiable as an independent species of their own, said to have recently surpassed, or being slated to surpass humans as the most populace intelligent species on Ere in recent years.   The combination of human and elven genetics has resulted in a happy medium between the two… Continue reading


Hailene were native to the same world as the dragons and saved from its destruction alongside them. When the Vishnari gods became distant, the hailene of the island of Illium took the abandonment to heart, turning their attentions to ancestor gods and science, eventually launching the devastating War of Ascension under the orders of their Emperor. The atrocities undertaken during the war of tarred the entire species in history, painting them as arrogant villains at best, monsters at worst, not helped along by traditions and behaviors that appear haughty and aloof to outsiders. Hailene are tall, winged humanoids with hinged… Continue reading


Natives to the world of Ere, goblins survived the cataclysm that ended the world five thousand years before the arrival of the Vishnari peoples. The dominant goblin culture views Death as a dark god who they are uniquely fated to slay; breeding to the point that the choke death itself with sheer numbers. This has led to a unique scenario where, with the mature members of their number tasked with breeding, the adolescents and teens are the leaders and workforce of typical goblin warrens. Forced to grow wise beyond their relative years, young goblins either work tirelessly for the betterment… Continue reading


Abandoned by the archfey that created them, the elven people along with many other fey were rescued by the goddess Sylph the First, who brought them to the World of Ere. There, they became masters of merging the wild with civilization, growing massive tree cities known as elfhames and becoming the ambassadors to the world for other species saved by the Vishnari gods. Elves are tall, lean and dark skinned with long ears that stick out from the sides of their heads and large, expressive eyes. Aside from dwarves, they are the longest lived of the common folk of Ere,… Continue reading


Created by the Dragons with the power of the Well of Souls, the sturdy subterranean dwarves were meant to be the servitors of their masters, only to almost immediately seal themselves away from the surface in defiance. Emerging shortly before the War of Ascension, the formerly rebellious people had become dominated by highly regimented cultures, which were rocked upon first contact with the wildly varied and free societies they found on the surface, and now internal strife between those demanding the wold ways be adhered to and those advocating change has driven the former into the larger world and the… Continue reading