Landon Porter

Detect Magic

An invisible, intangible web of vox spreads out over the area, transmitting to the caster information about the energies being manipulated there. Level 0, R1 Reagents: A pinch of specially prepared iron sand worth 5cp Casting Time: Standard Action Affinity: Vox Spellcraft DC: 10 For the next minute, you gain the following abilities:   Detect […]

Mage Light

A glowing orb of light appears and obeys your mental commands. Level 0, R1 Reagents: None Casting Time: Move Action Affinity: Flaer Spellcraft DC: 5 You call into being an orb of light that sheds bright light in the square it occupies. The conjured light can be any color you wish. Creatures can pass through […]

Personal Sigil

A mystical sigil of your own design is emblazoned on an object. Level 0, R1 Reagents: 1cp worth of ink or other marking material Casting Time: 1 minute Affinity: Universal Spellcraft DC: 5 A single object you touch becomes emblazoned with a sigil of your personal design. This mark can be no larger than 1 […]


Known as minor miracle or least wish in some circles, prestidigitation is almost universally taught as the first spell any magic user knows. Level 0, R1 Reagents: None Casting Time: Standard Action Affinity: Universal Spellcraft DC: 5 When you cast prestidigitation, choose one of the following effects: Alter the sensory output of a touched object […]

Ritual Rules

  A ritual is a spell that can be cast with little to no investment of spell points to produce longer-term effects at the costs of longer casting times and occasionally higher costs.   Rituals are not limited by a spellcaster’s spells known and do not require spellcaster levels to cast them, though some require […]


  This weapon trembles with power—power to crush, to pound, to shake the earth.   Base: Once per turn on a successful hit, the square the target is standing in becomes difficult terrain until the start of your next turn. If the target attempts to leave the square before then, they must succeed on a […]


  A burst of force explodes from this weapon on impact.   Base: On a successful hit, this weapon does bonus sonic damage equal to 2 + Superiority bonus. Whenever you Push a target with an attack using this weapon, push it an additional 1 square.   Superiority +1: Whenever you score a critical hit […]

Air Cutting

  A simple swing of this weapon sends out a razor of wind that tears into the target at a distance.   Base: As a Basic Strike, you may make a ranged attack with this weapon with a range increment of 2 (maximum 10). On a hit, it deals WD plus bonus damage equal to […]


  Often constructed of light wood plated with tarnished silver, these bucklers are inscribed with the entirety of one of a number of stories of self-sacrifice and courage. Wearing one fills a person with feelings of warmth and oneness toward those they care for.   Base: This item adds one half Superiority bonus (rounded up) […]