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Survival (WIS) Survival is a suite of skills concerned with getting along in the wild: finding food and water, making shelter, enduring the elements and tracking other creatures.   There are four main usages of Survival.   Endure The Endure usage of Survival allows a character to help themselves and others stave off the effects […]


Stealth (DEX) Stealth is the art of not being noticed and escaping detection via sight, sound or on occasion scent.   There are two main uses of the Stealth skill:   Sneak In order to use Sneak, a creature must have some means of concealment; an object their size or larger to hide behind or […]


Spellcraft (INT) Spellcraft represents a character’s study and understanding of the underlying logic behind magic and spells. Many spells require Spellcraft checks to make the most of them and Rituals require Spellcraft checks to cast at all. Characters not trained in Spellcraft can Cast Rituals, but cannot research new ones and cannot succeed on Spellcraft […]


Pilot/Ride (DEX or INT) These skills are special in that they must be taken for a specific type of creature or vehicle from the following list:     When you gain ranks in the skill, you gain them for each vehicle or mount individually as if they were different skills. For example, at level 5, […]


Persuasion (Cha) The Persuasion skill represents the character’s ability to convince others to do what they want and of the sincerity of their words and improve the perception others have of them. Persuasion only effects intelligent creatures and cannot be used against other Player Characters without their player’s consent.   A Persuasion check to make […]


Perception (WIS) Perception is the ability to use your senses to detect and analyze objects and your environment.   A character not trained in Perception cannot succeed on tasks with a DC higher than 20 and any result they roll that would be higher than 20 is treated as 20.   Perception is used to […]


Misdirection (Cha) The Misdirection skill represents a character’s ability to divert and deceive others both verbally and through non-verbal cues. Misdirection checks are usually opposed by the Insight check of the target’s being misdirected.   There are three special usages of the Misdirection skill:   Deceive Deceiving others means lying or at least providing them […]


Mercantile (Int or Cha) The Mercantile skill represents a character’s understanding of the market and its products and ability to convince merchants to offer better prices. Mercantile checks are INT-based, but the Haggle usage uses the higher of INT and CHA modifier. Only characters Trained in Mercantile can succeed on attempts with a DC 20 […]


Mechanics (Int) Mechanics represents a character’s ability to construct, repair and manipulate mechanical devices such as locks, mechanical traps, and clocks.   Only characters Trained in Mechanics can attempt any usage of the skill.   There are five special usages of the Mechanics skill:   Open Lock The ability to manipulate a lock without the […]


Legerdemain (Dex) Legerdemain is the art of performing acts of slight of hand and concealment. This includes hiding objects in rooms, stealing small things while being observed, and picking pockets. Legerdemain checks are usually opposed rolls vs Insight or Perception.   There are three special usages of the Legerdemain skill:   Conceal You can use […]