Survival (WIS)

Survival is a suite of skills concerned with getting along in the wild: finding food and water, making shelter, enduring the elements and tracking other creatures.


There are four main usages of Survival.



The Endure usage of Survival allows a character to help themselves and others stave off the effects of hostile natural environments. Hostile environments often require Endure checks to prevent ill effects.


Endure can also be used by a Trained character to prepare oneself and others against hostile environments. To do so, make a Survival check for each creature you wish to protect. For every 5 points of the result, reduce any ongoing damage and the DC of any Endure check imposed by the current climate or environment by 1.


This use of Endure takes 1 hour per environment plus 10 minutes for each additional creature protected.



The Forage usage of Survival allows a character to find food and water. The Base DC to find enough food for one Medium sized creature is 15. For each additional creature, add 2 to the DC.


A Trained character can also Forage for enough medicinal plants and fungi to refill a single usage of a Healer’s Kit with a Base DC of 20 + 5 for each additional usage restored.


Foraging reduces your overland travel speed by 2 for each day you do so. You can rush Foraging to reduce the speed by only 1 by taking a -10 penalty.



You can construct a shelter for yourself and other creatures with the Shelter usage of the Survival skill. The Base DC to do so is 20 to create a shelter large enough to sleep two Medium creatures comfortably. Creating a larger creature increases the DC by +5 per additional creature, though one can also construct multiple two-person shelters.


The Shelter usage of Survival takes 2 hours per 2 person shelter.



The Track usage of Survival allows one to follow another creature by analyzing tracks and other telltale signs. The Base DC to track another creature is 15 modified by the following table:


CircumstanceSurvival DC Modifier
Muddy Ground-10
Soft Ground-5
Firm Ground0
Hard Ground+5
Rarely Used Trail0
Lightly Used Trail+2
Moderately Used Trail+5
Heavily Used Trail+10
Multiple creatures being tracked-2 per additional creature
Larger creatures-2 per size category above medium
Smaller creatures+2 per size category below small
Rain or snow since trail was made+2 per hour


A character Trained in Survival can also use Track to increase the difficulty of others tracking them by making a Survival check DC 15. For every 5 points of their by which they beat the DC, they may add a +1 to the DC to track them.


Tracking reduces your overland travel speed by 2 for each day you do so.

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