Spellcraft (INT)

Spellcraft represents a character’s study and understanding of the underlying logic behind magic and spells. Many spells require Spellcraft checks to make the most of them and Rituals require Spellcraft checks to cast at all.

Characters not trained in Spellcraft can Cast Rituals, but cannot research new ones and cannot succeed on Spellcraft DCs above 20. If they roll a result greater than 20, it is considered 20.

Spellcraft can also be used to identify spells and magical effects. The DC of these is determined by the DM but here are some sample DCs:


SubjectSpellcraft DC
Spell you know10
Spell of a type you know (Array, Prayer, etc)15 +5 per tier
Spell of a type you don’t know20 +5 per tier
RitualRitual DC
Non-spell Magical ability25
Naturally-occurring magical phenomena20
Identify magic-dominant traits in a region20


Spellcraft checks are usually made as part of an action. Checks made to identify spells and effects are a minor action.

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