Pilot/Ride (DEX or INT)

These skills are special in that they must be taken for a specific type of creature or vehicle from the following list:


Mount, CommonHorses, Riding Dogs, Riding Bears, Ornises
Mount, ExoticGiant Spiders, Ceratos, Couagas
Mount, FlyingDrakes, Giant Bats
Mount, AquaticTrlaen Dolphins
Vehicle, BicylceBicycles
Vehicle, CommonWagons, Carts
Vehicle, Land MotorizedSteamcrawlers, Tin Ginnies
Vehicle, Lighter Than AirDirigibles
Vehicle, Air, MotorizedOrnithopters
Vehicle, AirshipAirships
Vehicle, Sailing ShipSchooners, Sailboats, Galleons
Vehicle, Water, MotorizedSteamships, Draybeast Boats


When you gain ranks in the skill, you gain them for each vehicle or mount individually as if they were different skills. For example, at level 5, you can have 5 ranks of Ride: Common, 5 ranks of Vehicle: Bicycle and 5 ranks of Vehicle: Wagons.


Operating a vehicle or riding a mount in a straight line and changing direction usually doesn’t require a check. You and your mount or vehicle share actions, so you may move up to its speed as a Move action, use its attacks or other standard action abilities as Standard actions and so on.


Mounting, dismounting and entering and leaving a vehicle smaller than Large size is a Move action. If the vehicle is larger, you must move out of the vehicle’s space.


Pilot/Ride checks are used to perform special maneuvers, or control mounts. The DM chooses the DCs for these, but here are a few examples:


ManeuverPilot/Ride DC
Stay in Saddle after being pushed10
Fast Mount/Dismount (Minor Action)20
Spur / Overthrottle (+2 to speed while running)20
Maneuvers in flightSee Fly skill

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