Mechanics (Int)

Mechanics represents a character’s ability to construct, repair and manipulate mechanical devices such as locks, mechanical traps, and clocks.


Only characters Trained in Mechanics can attempt any usage of the skill.


There are five special usages of the Mechanics skill:


Open Lock

The ability to manipulate a lock without the appropriate key. A character must use a long, thin rigid tool such as a bobby pin or wire to attempt to pick a lock. The Base DC of opening a lock is 15, but higher quality or more exotic locks have a higher DC as set by the DM.


This usage of the Mechanics skill is a Full Round Action.


Disable Device

The ability to deactivate a trap or other mechanical device or disassemble one for parts. Traps and other mechanical devices list their disable DCs in their description, the Base DC to disassemble a device is that device’s disable DC +10.


Disabling a device is a Full Round Action.


Disassembling a device takes 1 minute per 25HP of the device. A disassembled device yields one quarter of its creation cost in usable parts.


Discern Function

By studying a device, you learn how to operate or disable it more easily and helps you figure out the schematics for said device.


The DC for discerning a device’s function is its disable DC -5. A successful Discern Function check grants a +2 competence bonus to subsequent Mechanics rolls to Disable, Repair or Sabotage that device.


Discerning a device’s function requires one minute of close study.



Repairing a device means both restoring hit points as well as hardness and undoing sabotage and disabling.


The Base DC to restore hit points and hardness is 15 to a mechanical device. For every two points by which you beat the DC, restore 1 hit point to the target. For every 5 points by which you beat the DC, restore one point of lost hardness.


Undoing Sabotage or restoring a disabled device is an opposed check vs the check made to sabotage or disable it.


The Repair usage of the Mechanics skill can be used as if it was the Heal skill for creatures with the construct type or subtype.


Repairing a device takes 1 hour per size category of the device.



You may use the Mechanics skill to rig mechanical devices to fail catastrophically. The Base DC to do so is the device’s disable DC +10. Success means that the device will fail either after a number of usages or activations you designate or after a number of hours up to the result of the check divided by five.


Once the device fails, it must be Repaired before it can function again.


Sabotaging a device takes 5 minutes plus 5 for every additional 10 points of the DC to sabotage it above 15.

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