Misdirection (Cha)

The Misdirection skill represents a character’s ability to divert and deceive others both verbally and through non-verbal cues. Misdirection checks are usually opposed by the Insight check of the target’s being misdirected.


There are three special usages of the Misdirection skill:



Deceiving others means lying or at least providing them with less information than is needed to discern the truth. The Misdirection check to Deceive another creature is opposed by that creature’s Insight check and modified by the nature of the lie or omission as per the following table:


Target wants to believe you+10
The lie is believable+0
The lie is unlikely-10
The lie is far-fetched-20
The lie is impossible-30
The target is drunk or otherwise impaired+10
You are technically telling the truth+10

Having proof to corroborate you lies grants you a bonus determined by the DM based on the quality and preponderance of the evidence.


You can also use the Deceive usage to convince a skeptical target of an actual truth.


Deceiving someone takes at least one minute of conversation, but may take longer at the DM’s discretion.



The Distract usage of the Misdirection skill allows the user to direct the target’s attention away from themselves or others. The create a distraction, make a Misdirection check at a –5 penalty opposed to the target’s Insight. Success means the target suffers a -5 penalty on Insight and Perception checks until the start of your next turn.


Creating a distraction is a Move action, but may only be attempted once per round.



The Feint usage of Misdirection is described as part of the Feint Basic Technique (see Basic Techniques in the Combat chapter).

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