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Unarmed Combat

Fighting Unarmed All characters are capable of lashing out with available limbs and other appropriate body parts as an unarmed attack. The standard unarmed attack for a Medium or Small character deals 1d6 x2 bludgeoning damage (see Unarmed Attack in the [[Weapons Chapter]]). Unarmed attacks against objects with at least 1 point of hardness deal […]

Two-Weapon Fighting

Fighting With Two Weapons Any character may wield a second weapon in their non-dominant hand (known as your off hand). If they do, they may choose to make an attack with that weapon instead of with their main hand weapon at no penalty.   Two-Weapon Fighting Feats Two-Weapon Combat [Battle Stance, Combatant] Benefit: While in […]

Weapon Deflection

Weapon Deflection [Weapon Stunt, Combatant]   With rapid movement of your weapons, you can knock away incoming projectiles.   Benefit: While wielding a one or two handed melee weapon, you may use a Reaction to gain a +4 deflection bonus against all ranged weapon attacks from a single source until the start of your next […]

Unorthodox Weapon Style

Unorthodox Weapon Style [Combatant]   You’ve developed a weapon style that flies in the face of tradition or possibly common sense.   Prerequisite: Advanced Proficiency with chosen weapon type   Benefit: Choose a weapon type (longsword, scythe, etc). That weapon gains the Trip, Grapple, Disarm, Finesse or Parry keyword for you.   Special: You may […]

Strong Draw

Strong Draw [Combatant]   You make great use of your strength, sending arrows much farther by drawing your bowstring more fully.   Benefit: Add your STR modifier in squares to the range increment of Bows your wield.  

Spell Parry

Spell Parry [Combatant]   With additional training with the mystic arts, you have learned to deflect incoming magic.   Prerequisites: Parry Projectiles, Trained in Knowledge: Arcana   Benefit: You may parry attacks from spells that target you and only you and require a Reflex saving throw to negate (Your Parry DC is 10+ the spell’s […]


Riposte [Combatant]   Knocking your opponent’s weapon aside leaves them open to an immediate counter attack.   Benefit: Whenever you successfully parry with a Parry weapon, you may immediately make a melee Basic Strike against the enemy whose attack you just parried.  


Reaper [Combatant]   Minor foes mean nothing to you. You cut them down like wheat in the field.   Benefit: Whenever you drive a minion to 0HP, you may immediately make a melee Simple Strike against an enemy within your reach adjacent to you or the minion you drove to 0HP.