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Templar [Cleric] You are part of the martial arm of your religion, trained to do battle in the name of your god.   Benefit: You gain proficiency and Advanced Proficiency (if applicable) in your god’s favored weapons, chain armor, scale armor and all shields.   While wielding one of your god’s favored weapons, you deal […]

Priestly Sage

Priestly Sage [Cleric] Divine guidance and inspiration aids your recollection and understanding.   Benefit: You add your WIS modifier to knowledge rolls and all knowledge rolls you make are considered Trained  

Fanatical Focus

Fanatical Focus [Cleric]   By the combined will of you and your god, you ignore distraction for the good of your cause.   Prerequisite: Devout Soul   Benefit: As a reaction triggered by any effect that would force you to make a Concentration check, you may expend one of your uses of Channel Faith to […]

Devout Soul

Devout Soul [Cleric]   You have focused on your spiritual connection to your god, making you an especially efficient conduit for their will.   Benefit: You may use your WIS modifier in place of your CHA modifier for Prayer effects that use your CHA modifier (for damage, duration, etc).   You also gain additional uses […]

Weapon Deflection

Weapon Deflection [Weapon Stunt, Combatant]   With rapid movement of your weapons, you can knock away incoming projectiles.   Benefit: While wielding a one or two handed melee weapon, you may use a Reaction to gain a +4 deflection bonus against all ranged weapon attacks from a single source until the start of your next […]

Unorthodox Weapon Style

Unorthodox Weapon Style [Combatant]   You’ve developed a weapon style that flies in the face of tradition or possibly common sense.   Prerequisite: Advanced Proficiency with chosen weapon type   Benefit: Choose a weapon type (longsword, scythe, etc). That weapon gains the Trip, Grapple, Disarm, Finesse or Parry keyword for you.   Special: You may […]

Strong Draw

Strong Draw [Combatant]   You make great use of your strength, sending arrows much farther by drawing your bowstring more fully.   Benefit: Add your STR modifier in squares to the range increment of Bows your wield.  

Spell Parry

Spell Parry [Combatant]   With additional training with the mystic arts, you have learned to deflect incoming magic.   Prerequisites: Parry Projectiles, Trained in Knowledge: Arcana   Benefit: You may parry attacks from spells that target you and only you and require a Reflex saving throw to negate (Your Parry DC is 10+ the spell’s […]


Riposte [Combatant]   Knocking your opponent’s weapon aside leaves them open to an immediate counter attack.   Benefit: Whenever you successfully parry with a Parry weapon, you may immediately make a melee Basic Strike against the enemy whose attack you just parried.  


Reaper [Combatant]   Minor foes mean nothing to you. You cut them down like wheat in the field.   Benefit: Whenever you drive a minion to 0HP, you may immediately make a melee Simple Strike against an enemy within your reach adjacent to you or the minion you drove to 0HP.