Tag: feats

Power Ballad

Power Ballad [Bard, Music] A driving song adds literal impact to even swing of the sword, every destructive spell.   Prerequisites: Bardic Music   Benefit: While this Music is active, all allies who can hear you may add 1d6 to the first damage roll from an attack that requires an attack roll or saving throw […]

Celerity Riff

Celerity Riff [Bard, Music] Nimble fingers pick out a swift tune that has your allies dashing about the battlefield.   Prerequisites: Bardic Music   Benefit: While this Music is active, all allies who can hear you gain a +1 square morale bonus to all movement modes they possess and may perform an adjustment step as […]

Bali H’ai

Bali H’ai [Bard, Music] The power of the Song enables you to entrance those around you, drawing them to you and then enthralling them to you at a touch.   Prerequisites: Bardic Music   Benefit: As a minor action while this Music is active, you may cause an enemy that can hear you to attempt […]

Bardic Music

Bardic Music [Bard, Battle Stance] You infuse your music with the Song, creating spectacular effects.   Prerequisite: Spellwork Prodigy   Benefit: While in this stance and using a musical instrument as a magical aid or singing, you may add your CHA modifier to Spellcraft checks made against attempts to dispel spells you cast.   If […]

Woodland Guide

Woodland Guide [Rogue] The ability to share your understanding of the wild makes your entire party all the better for it.   Prerequisite: Trained in Survival   Benefit: Whenever an ally fails a Survival, Stealth or Knowledge Nature check, you may make your own check and replace it with theirs. You must use the new […]

Supple Grip

Supple Grip [Rouge] You have learned a fluid style that allows for maximum agility in landing blows.   Prerequisite: Advanced Proficiency in chosen weapon.   Benefit: Choose a weapon that is one-handed for you. You now treat is as Light.  

Secret Sheath

Secret Sheath [Rogue] The power of vox allows you to create a small, crude fold in space within which they can conceal a small object.   Prerequisite: Vox Affinity   Benefit: You gain access to a single, small extra-dimensional space capable of storing a single small item weighing no more and one pound plus one […]

Rakish Ways

Rakish Ways [Rogue] You’ve cultivated a way about you that make people temporarily take leave of their senses.   Prerequisite: Trained in Persuasion   Benefit: Once per encounter, when you use Persuasion to improve a character’s reaction to you and succeed, you may improve that character’s reaction one additional step for the remainder of the […]

Quick Change

Quick Change [Rogue] By carefully choosing and packing your clothing and disguise gear, you can swiftly slip into a new disguise.   Prerequisite: Trained in Disguise   Benefit: You may use the Disguise skill to alter your appearance in only five rounds instead of five minutes.  

Opportunistic Reaction

Opportunistic Reaction [Rogue] When an opponent leaves an opening, you are able to capitalize on it beyond what others might be able to.   Prerequisite: Trained in Insight   Benefit: You may use your Opportunist’s Gambit in place of a Simple Strike when making an attack of opportunity.   Additionally, your Opportunist’s Gambit costs you […]