Bali H’ai

Bali H’ai [Bard, Music]

The power of the Song enables you to entrance those around you, drawing them to you and then enthralling them to you at a touch.


Prerequisites: Bardic Music


Benefit: As a minor action while this Music is active, you may cause an enemy that can hear you to attempt a Will save (DC 10 + level + CHA modifier). On a failed save, the target must use all their actions on their next turn to move closer to you. The target will not move into hazardous terrain or into squares they know to be harmful to them, but will always move to a square closer to you if possible. This is a Charm effect.


If this movement brings the target adjacent to you, they must succeed in another Will save (DC 10 + level + CHA modifier). On a failure, they are become friendly to you (save ends). If this Music ends, so does this effect. This is a Charm effect.

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