Tag: conjuration

Kinetic Shield

Kinetic Shield – Standard Action or Reaction – 3SP – V, S [Secret 1, Sonic, Conjuration] You freeze a standing wave of sound into place, creating a defensive shield that robs projectiles and flying debris of their momentum.   When cast as a Standard action, this spell grants you a +4 deflection bonus to AC […]

Fell-Light Bow

Fell-Light Bow – Standard Action – 3SP – V, S, SF [Secret 1, Conjuration, Light] You call into being a bow of light the turns back the shadows.   You conjure a longbow made of light into your hands. You are proficient with this weapon even if you are not normally proficient with the longbow. […]

Charlatan Orb

Charlatan Orb – Standard Action – 3SP – V, S [Secret 1, Conjuration] Manipulating fickle fates across matter and energy, you collapse possibility into a certainty as a form of energy.   Choose fire, cold, electrical, corrosive, or sonic.   One target within range must succeed on a Reflex saving throw (DC 10 +½ level […]

Plane of Force

Plane of Force – Move Action – 3SP – V, S [Array 1 – Vox, Conjuration, Force] The power of the void is also the power of Force. Even minor vox magi can conjure small force cosntructs to serve their various needs.   You conjure into being a plane of force in any shape, but […]

Black Blade

Black Blade – Minor Action – 3SP – V,S [Array 1 – Nekras, Conjuration] You sheath your weapon in negative energy, allowing it to deliver withering wounds.   Target one weapon you touch. For 1 round + 1 per level, whenever that weapon deals damage, it deals an additional amount of negative energy damage equal […]

Flaer Arrow

Flaer Arrow – Move Action – 2SP – V,S [Array 1 – Flaer, Conjuration, Ray] You conjure and loose an arrow of flame that burns enemies and ignites flammable items.   One target within 20 squares must succeed on a Reflex save or take 1d6 + CHA modifier + ½ level fire damage. Flammable objects […]

Basic Fireball

Basic Fireball – Standard Action – 3SP – V,S [Array 1 – Flaer, Conjuration] You conjure a fist-sized globe of flame, then fling it at the target where it explodes into a sphere of flame.   Target one square within 10 squares. Creatures and objects within the target square or adjacent to it must succeed […]