Category: Bardic Secrets

Sooth the Wounded

Sooth the Wounded – Standard Action – 3SP – V, S [Secret 1, [Healing, Mind-Effecting] A relaxing resonance fills your ally, making them forget their pains more and more over time.   One creature touched may spend 1 Vitality to heal a number of hit points equal to your CHA modifier. At the start of […]

Kinetic Shield

Kinetic Shield – Standard Action or Reaction – 3SP – V, S [Secret 1, Sonic, Conjuration] You freeze a standing wave of sound into place, creating a defensive shield that robs projectiles and flying debris of their momentum.   When cast as a Standard action, this spell grants you a +4 deflection bonus to AC […]

Fool Fate

Fool Fate – Reaction – 3SP – V [Secret 1, Luck] In one of the grand expressions of the power of Word and Song, you alter reality, turning sure death into a mere scratch or a glancing blow into an arterial strike.   As a reaction triggered by an ally within 5 squares taking or […]

Fell-Light Bow

Fell-Light Bow – Standard Action – 3SP – V, S, SF [Secret 1, Conjuration, Light] You call into being a bow of light the turns back the shadows.   You conjure a longbow made of light into your hands. You are proficient with this weapon even if you are not normally proficient with the longbow. […]

Cursed Entertainment

Cursed Entertainment – Standard Action – 3SP – V or S [Secret 1, Curse, Compulsion, Sonic] A song, a tale or a dance enters the target’s mind and forces them to react as you desire.   One target within 6 squares must succeed on a Will saving throw (DC 10 +½ level + CHA modifier) […]

Constant Mockery

Constant Mockery – Standard Action – 3SP – V [Secret 1, Language Dependent, Emotion, Mind-Effecting, Sonic] You focus an unending stream of insults and taunts on the target, preventing them from focusing on anything or anyone but you.   Chose one target that can hear you.   That target must succeed on a Will saving […]

Charlatan Orb

Charlatan Orb – Standard Action – 3SP – V, S [Secret 1, Conjuration] Manipulating fickle fates across matter and energy, you collapse possibility into a certainty as a form of energy.   Choose fire, cold, electrical, corrosive, or sonic.   One target within range must succeed on a Reflex saving throw (DC 10 +½ level […]

Axiom of Locution: Action

Axiom of Locution: Action – Standard Action or Reaction – 3SP – V [Secret 1, Sonic, Word, Compulsion] A single Word from you alters the target’s reality, causing them to act in the way you describe.   Choose one of the following effects:   Attack: One target within 20 squares must succeed on a Will […]

Anoint Hero

Anoint Hero – Standard Action – 3SP – V, S [Secret 1, Alteration] The power of the Word ignites the inner hero.   One touched ally adds your CHA modifier to Athletics, Acrobatics and Intimidate skill rolls, CMB and CMD. They treat natural die rolls as if they were one number higher (eg: Natural 1’s […]