Basic Fireball

Basic Fireball – Standard Action – 3SP – V,S

[Array 1 – Flaer, Conjuration]

You conjure a fist-sized globe of flame, then fling it at the target where it explodes into a sphere of flame.


Target one square within 10 squares. Creatures and objects within the target square or adjacent to it must succeed on a Reflex save or take 1d6 +CHA modifier + ½ level fire damage. Any unattended, flammable items in the area of effect catch fire. If a creature rolls a natural 1 on their save, they are set alight.


At 9th level, this damage increases to 2d6 +CHA modifier + ½ level.


At 18th level, this damage increases to 3d6 +CHA modifier + ½ level.


Affinity Bonuses

Vin – The area continues to burn until next turn, dealing 1d6 fire damage to creatures starting their turn in the area or moving through the area.


Akua – The fire sticks to creatures in the area. If a creature fails the reflex save, they are set alight.

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