Shape Metal

Shape Metal – Full Round Action – 3SP – V,S

[Array 1 – Ferif, Alteration]

Metals mold and transform at your command.


Choose one of the following effects:

  • Destroy one unattended, adjacent, non-magical metal item weighting no more than 5 pounds +1 per level such as a grappling hook, door hinge, or lock. If a lock is destroyed in this way, there is a 75% chance of it becoming jammed in the process rather than opening.

  • Reshape adjacent metallic architecture to create an area of difficult terrain consisting of up to 1 square +1 per 3 levels. Upon creation of this difficult terrain, you may choose to have creatures entering it either take 2d4 piercing damage, or make a Reflex save or fall prone.

  • Reshape adjacent metallic architecture to create a wall occupying 1 cube +1 per 3 levels. The resultant wall fills one cube per 3 levels. Instead of a wall, you may also create ramps, sculptures, ladders or other terrain features.

  • You gain a spell bonus equal to +1 per level to a crafting Expertise roll to craft a single metal object.

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