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Unarmed Combat

Fighting Unarmed All characters are capable of lashing out with available limbs and other appropriate body parts as an unarmed attack. The standard unarmed attack for a Medium or Small character deals 1d6 x2 bludgeoning damage (see Unarmed Attack in the [[Weapons Chapter]]). Unarmed attacks against objects with at least 1 point of hardness deal […]

Two-Weapon Fighting

Fighting With Two Weapons Any character may wield a second weapon in their non-dominant hand (known as your off hand). If they do, they may choose to make an attack with that weapon instead of with their main hand weapon at no penalty.   Two-Weapon Fighting Feats Two-Weapon Combat [Battle Stance, Combatant] Benefit: While in […]

Dance Caster

Dance Caster [Bard, Battle Stance] You conjure the power of the Well through rhythmic motion and practiced steps.   Prerequisite: Any one Bardic Knack   Benefit: While in this battle stance, you may move up to half your speed (minimum 2 squares) as part of the action of casting a spell. If you do, this […]

Bardic Music

Bardic Music [Bard, Battle Stance] You infuse your music with the Song, creating spectacular effects.   Prerequisite: Spellwork Prodigy   Benefit: While in this stance and using a musical instrument as a magical aid or singing, you may add your CHA modifier to Spellcraft checks made against attempts to dispel spells you cast.   If […]