Dance Caster

Dance Caster [Bard, Battle Stance]

You conjure the power of the Well through rhythmic motion and practiced steps.


Prerequisite: Any one Bardic Knack


Benefit: While in this battle stance, you may move up to half your speed (minimum 2 squares) as part of the action of casting a spell. If you do, this replaces the Verbal component of the spell. This movement still counts for your total movement for your turn.


If you are wearing Cloth or no armor, you add your CHA modifier to AC as long as you moved at least half your speed the previous turn.


As a move action while in this battle stance, you can activate any one Dance feat you have or switch from one Dance feat you have active to another. That Dance remains active until you end this stance or switch to another.


All Dance effects have the Mind-Effecting tag unless otherwise noted.


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