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 [Accelerated Ritual] By strategically anchoring and controlling strands of force, you are capable of lifting and manipulating objects. Level 2, R2 Reagents: None Casting Time: 1 minute Affinity: Vox Spellcraft DC: 15 You create an intangible, barely visible mass of tendrils made of magical force that remains in existence for as long as you Concentrate. […]


A simple burst of stored vox nearly severs gravity’s hold on the target. Level 2, R1 Reagents: 5gp worth of iron sand and prepared herbs. Ritual Focus: A gem or other bauble worth 10gp Casting Time: 20 minutes Affinity: Vox Spellcraft DC: 10 Once cast, this ritual is bound into the bauble required to cast […]

Circle of Protection

Inscribing a circle on the floor or ground, you erect a protection against magic and creatures of magic. Level 2, R1 Reagents: 10gp in reagents including a handful of purified salt. Casting Time: 5 minutes Affinity: Vox Spellcraft DC: 15 One square of your choice and all adjacent squares become a zone. The zone blocks […]

Message Sigil

You alter your personal sigil to broadcast your voice. Level 1, R3 Ritual Focus: a metal plate or stone tablet at least 3-inches long a side worth at least 5gp with your personal sigil etched into it. The focus can be anywhere on the same plane as you. Casting Time: 5 minutes Affinity: Vin and […]

Detect Magic

An invisible, intangible web of vox spreads out over the area, transmitting to the caster information about the energies being manipulated there. Level 0, R1 Reagents: A pinch of specially prepared iron sand worth 5cp Casting Time: Standard Action Affinity: Vox Spellcraft DC: 10 For the next minute, you gain the following abilities:   Detect […]