Message Sigil

You alter your personal sigil to broadcast your voice.

Level 1, R3

Ritual Focus: a metal plate or stone tablet at least 3-inches long a side worth at least 5gp with your personal sigil etched into it. The focus can be anywhere on the same plane as you.

Casting Time: 5 minutes

Affinity: Vin and Vox

Spellcraft DC: 10

Once you cast this spell, all sounds you make or that originate from anywhere within 2 squares of you are broadcast from the spell focus. The ritual’s duration is a number of minutes equal to the result of your Spellcraft check.


A two-way conversation is possible if the party in possession of the spell focus also casts message sigil using a focus of their own that is in your possession.


Ritual Cost: 150gp

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