[Accelerated Ritual]

This useful spell to repair objects has long been a trade secret among guilds of cobblers, smiths and other tradesfolk.

Level 1, R2

Reagents: a vial of plant resin worth 5cp

Casting Time: 10 minutes

Affinity: Universal

Spellcraft DC: 10

Choose one of the following effects:

A single, non-magical, non-complex object you touch which has been damaged is repaired a number of HP equal to half your Spellcraft check. If this amount of hp would not restore the target to full hit points, the ritual fails. Otherwise, fix-it repairs even damage that would be irreparable with normal tools and skill.


The caster gains a spell bonus to their next Expertise or Mechanics check to repair an object equal to 1 plus one per five points by which they beat the Spellcraft DC.

Ritual Cost: 100gp

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