Alter Wardrobe

[Accelerated Ritual]

I travel the world. Did you think I would really bother with luggage?

Level 1, R2

Reagents: A pristine peacock or eagle feather worth 1sp

Casting Time: 10 minutes

Affinity: Universal

Spellcraft DC: 10

You can change the physical appearance but not the function of your clothing. This can only be a cosmetic change; color, cut, patterns, length, etc. You can also clean or stain said clothing as you see fit. This spell can also be used to change the appearance your mundane jewelry, armor and weapons you carry, but does not apply to magic items.


This spell grants a +1 ritual bonus to Disguise checks for every 5 points by which you beat the Spellcraft DC.


The effect lasts one hour plus one hour for every 5 you beat the DC by.

Ritual Cost: 100gp

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