Circle of Protection

Inscribing a circle on the floor or ground, you erect a protection against magic and creatures of magic.

Level 2, R1

Reagents: 10gp in reagents including a handful of purified salt.

Casting Time: 5 minutes

Affinity: Vox

Spellcraft DC: 15

One square of your choice and all adjacent squares become a zone. The zone blocks line of effect for all spells and abilities that require line of effect. Curses cast upon creatures inside the zone fail and spells attempting to find creatures or objects inside the zone also fail.


Summoned creatures and creatures with the Magical, Spirit, or Outsider keywords who enter the zone or start their turn within the zone are repositioned into the nearest square outside of the zone.


The circle is a physical object drawn on the ground or floor. If a creature leaves the zone without being repositioned by it, they must succeed in a Reflex Save DC 10 + ½ caster level +INT mod or break the circle, ending the effect immediately.


The ritual lasts 1 hour per caster level and can be extended with an additional casting.


Ritual Cost: 50gp

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