Mark of Alarm


You tie a psychic array to your personal sigil, causing it to alert you to unauthorized usage or trespass.

Level 2, R1

Reagents: 10gp in reagents including a 5gp moonstone.

Casting Time: 10 minutes

Affinity: Psi

Spellcraft DC: 15

You can cast mark of alarm on any object or section of wall, ceiling or floor that has your personal sigil cast on it.


Once you cast mark of alarm you may choose any number of creatures or category of creatures that do not trigger the mark of alarm (for example, ‘my allies’, ‘all miare’, ‘Jazan and Moras’). You can also choose whether or not the awareness created by this effect will awaken you.


If the mark of alarm is cast on an object, you become aware if a creature touches or moves the object and remain aware as long as said creature continues to use or carry that object or you choose to end the effect.


If the mark of alarm is cast on a section of wall, ceiling or floor, you become aware if a creature moves into a square adjacent to the mark. The mark does not trigger if the creature is on the other side of the wall, floor or ceiling the mark is cast on.


A creature can avoid setting off a mark of alarm with a Stealth or Spellcraft roll with a DC equal to your Spellcraft check.


The mark of alarm lasts as long as the personal sigil lasts. It and the underlying sigil can be made permanent with the Permanency ritual.


Ritual Cost: 50gp

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