Tag: level 1 rituals

Message Sigil

You alter your personal sigil to broadcast your voice. Level 1, R3 Ritual Focus: a metal plate or stone tablet at least 3-inches long a side worth at least 5gp with your personal sigil etched into it. The focus can be anywhere on the same plane as you. Casting Time: 5 minutes Affinity: Vin and […]


[Accelerated Ritual] This useful spell to repair objects has long been a trade secret among guilds of cobblers, smiths and other tradesfolk. Level 1, R2 Reagents: a vial of plant resin worth 5cp Casting Time: 10 minutes Affinity: Universal Spellcraft DC: 10 Choose one of the following effects: A single, non-magical, non-complex object you touch […]

Alter Wardrobe

[Accelerated Ritual] I travel the world. Did you think I would really bother with luggage? Level 1, R2 Reagents: A pristine peacock or eagle feather worth 1sp Casting Time: 10 minutes Affinity: Universal Spellcraft DC: 10 You can change the physical appearance but not the function of your clothing. This can only be a cosmetic […]

Soothe Animal

Calling up the powers of life and nature, you put a creature of the wild at ease with you. Level 1, R1 Reagents: A piece of food the target would eat Casting Time: 1 Full Round Affinity: Vitae Spellcraft DC: 20 Knowledge: Nature DC: 10 One Natural Animal within 6 squares has its attitude shifted […]

Speak to Winds

The wind carries your words to the ears you intend them to reach. Level 1, R1 Reagents: None Casting Time: 1 Full Round Affinity: Vin Spellcraft DC: 10 For a number of minutes equal to the result of your Spellcraft check, you may choose to have your words heard with perfect clarity by any number […]