Speak to Winds

The wind carries your words to the ears you intend them to reach.

Level 1, R1

Reagents: None

Casting Time: 1 Full Round

Affinity: Vin

Spellcraft DC: 10

For a number of minutes equal to the result of your Spellcraft check, you may choose to have your words heard with perfect clarity by any number of creatures within 25 squares. This spell does not interfere with any other creatures’ ability to hear normally and grants other creature’s no ability to reply.


You must either be aware of each creature you target with this ritual, or you may choose to allow all creatures in range to hear you with clarity.


This spell is unimpeded by line of effect or line of sight, but the spell cannot effect creatures in squares that air cannot flow into from the ritual’s point of origin (example: if a creature is sealed inside a globe of force, this spell cannot allow that creature to hear the caster.


For every 1 point penalty you take to your Spellcraft check, you may extend the range of this ritual by 1 square.


You may voluntarily take a -10 penalty to your Spellcraft check to allow creatures within the range of the ritual to reply to you. For an additional -10 penalty, you can allow the creatures within the range of the ritual converse with one another.


Ritual Cost: 50gp

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