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  Shining bronze and gold, the finish of this armor casts itself in a multitude of colors similar to a scarab’s carapace. A set of enormous plates long the back give the appearance of wing cases and the helm is designed to invoke mandibles.   Base: This item’s armor bonus is increased by its Superiority […]

Sooth the Wounded

Sooth the Wounded – Standard Action – 3SP – V, S [Secret 1, [Healing, Mind-Effecting] A relaxing resonance fills your ally, making them forget their pains more and more over time.   One creature touched may spend 1 Vitality to heal a number of hit points equal to your CHA modifier. At the start of […]


Vivify – Move Action – 3SP – V, S [Array 1 – Vitae, Healing] You wrap thin film of vitae around a creature, filling them with vigor.   The target gains +10 temporary HP and a +2 spell bonus to saving throws for 1 round + 1 round per level.   This spell cannot be […]


Rejuvenation – Standard Array – 3SP – V, S [Array 1 – Vitae, Healing] You carefully channel life energy into a living creature in such a way as to heal them.   A living creature you touch may spend 1 Vitality and regain HP equal to their Reeling value + your CHA modifier and the […]