Shining bronze and gold, the finish of this armor casts itself in a multitude of colors similar to a scarab’s carapace. A set of enormous plates long the back give the appearance of wing cases and the helm is designed to invoke mandibles.


Base: This item’s armor bonus is increased by its Superiority bonus and adds its Superiority bonus to Death saves and saves vs Death effects.


Once per encounter as a move action, the plates on the armor’s back open up to reveal wings, allowing the wearer to fly a number of squares equal to two plus twice Superiority bonus.


Superiority +1: Once per encounter as a minor action, the wearer may touch a creature at zero or fewer hit points and the target may spend 1 Vitality to regain their taxed value in HP. This is a Healing effect.


Superiority +3: The wearer gains an Overland Flight speed equal to Superiority bonus plus 2.


Superiority +5: Once per day, when the wearer dies, they return to life at their taxed hit point total.


Armor Type: Any



(Superiority +1)^2 x 250gp x3

Superiority Bonus

Creation Cost













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