Vampire Bloodstone


A number of gems the color of old blood decorate this weapon. As it draws blood, the stones grow more lustrous.


Base: Whenever this weapon deals damage, it gains a blood point (max blood points equal to 1 + Superiority bonus^2). As a minor action, you may spend a blood point to regain hit points equal to your level + superiority bonus.


Superiority +1: As a minor action, you may cause the weapon to drain blood from the last creature it dealt damage to, dealing bleed damage to it equal to 2 + twice Superiority bonus.


Superiority +3: As a move action, you become a blood-red mist and may fly up to twice your move speed. While you are moving, you are incorporeal.


Weapon Type: Any Slashing or Piercing



Superiority Bonus

Creation Cost













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