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Sometimes brute force of magical might aren’t the answer and a more nuanced touch is required – or that brute force and magical might could use a more precise touch. Rogues apply this principal to everything they do; from combat to social situations and it serves them well. A rogue is someone who has learned […]


Magic if the fundamental force on Ere. Not only does elemental magic permeate the environs, but every living (and many non-living) being contains within them a font of mystic power that can be used to conjure and manipulate. For magi, either this font is more developed to the point that spellcasting is second nature, or […]


In a world where magic is prevalent, there are still those who prefer to rely on their physical prowess to dominate their foes in battle. The combatant is a master of combat, armed or unarmed, close-in or at range. Specializing in a their weapons of choice, a combatant elevates battle to an art, with myriad […]


Knowing or not, clerics are anointed by a god or gods, or by raw force of will, clerics wield the divine power the originates from the power of belief in an ideal, an icon, or a faith. This power always comes in a form that can further those ideals and the tenants of their faith, […]


Born in a unique harmony with the Well of Souls, bards are inherently in tune with the resonance that exists between all things. With training, this ability manifests in the ability to alter the relationship between creatures, objects, the environment and even themselves, tapping into the power of the Well the perform alterations to reality […]