Knowing or not, clerics are anointed by a god or gods, or by raw force of will, clerics wield the divine power the originates from the power of belief in an ideal, an icon, or a faith. This power always comes in a form that can further those ideals and the tenants of their faith, to defend adherents and to fight enemies.

Not every priest is a cleric and not all clerics are priests ordained by the clergy, and given the various sects under the same god, it is impossible that every cleric is truly serving the real vision of their deity. It is the belief, zeal and will itself that calls out and taps into the divine or else the direct intervention of the small gods unknown to most of the world.

The cleric class can represent…

  • Holy warriors and servants of the gods
  • Friends and favored souls of small gods.
  • The intense adherent of an ideal that has attracted the attention of the divine.
  • A meddler in old secrets calling on powers beyond their understanding
  • The recipient of a boon from a powerful being… for a price.

Skill points per level: (6 + INT modifier)

Hit Points at first level: 12 + Constitution score

Hit Points at each additional level: 5

Saves: +2 Fortitude and Will

Proficiencies: Cloth and Leather Armor, All Simple Weapons, Favored Weapon of Their Faith

LevelClass FeaturesGeneral Features
1Prayers (Tier 1), Ritualist, Divine Practitioner, Channel Faith (2/day)Feat, 3 Expertise Points, +2 to two Ability Scores
2Bonus Feat
4Bonus Feat+2 to one Ability Score
5Channel Faith (3/day)Feat, 1 Expertise Point
6Bonus Feat
8Bonus Feat+2 to one Ability Score
9Prayers (Tier 2)Feat


Starting at 1st level, a Cleric gains the ability to cast Clerical Prayer spells at the listed level. At first level, they know the 3 spells provided by their Faith and an additional 2 prayers from the Clerical Prayer list. At each additional level, through religious study, meditation upon their faith, and communion with their god, they gain an additional Prayer known.

All clerics start with the bolt of faith prayer:

Bolt of Faith – Standard Action – 0SP – V, S
Prayer, Conjuration, Ray
Raw faith crackles into your palms ready to defend you and yours from all foes with blazing glory.

You conjure into being a number of bolts of divine energy equal to 2 + 1 for every 3 levels. You may launch them at up to the same number of creatures within 10 squares. For each bolt that targets it, the target must succeed on a Reflex saving throw or take WIS modifier + ½ level divine damage

Bonus Spell Points

A Cleric calculates their starting spell points based on their WIS score rather than their CHA score and gains additional bonus spell points each Cleric level equal to their WIS modifier


Clerics are divinely inspired in the workings of rituals, gaining an understanding of such rites as part of their calling. A Cleric starts play knowing the commune with the divine ritual and a number of Level 0 or Level 1 Common or Uncommon rituals equal to their WIS modifier.

Divine Practitioner

Clerics are divinely inspired to cast spells and as such approach all magic from that perspective. As such, they may use their Knowledge: Religion skill in place of Spellcraft when prompted to do so by a spell or Ritual, or whenever an opposed Spellcraft check is required.

Channel Faith

The raw power of a cleric’s faith allows them to work some feats outside of the scope of their normal mystical abilities. A number of times per day determined by level (see table: The Cleric), the cleric can as a Standard Action, activate Channel Faith for one of the following results:

  • Cast a spell from the Cleric Prayer list that is not part of their Prayers known.
  • Make a Knowledge: Religion check in place of another type of Knowledge check.
  • Ask whether the outcome of a course of action will be positive, negative or neutral in terms of your interests and receive an appropriate sign in response.
  • Other effects provided by feats, spells or magical items.

Bonus Feat

At 2nd level and every other level thereafter, a Cleric gains a bonus feat from the Cleric bonus feat list or that have the [Cleric] keyword.

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