In a world where magic is prevalent, there are still those who prefer to rely on their physical prowess to dominate their foes in battle. The combatant is a master of combat, armed or unarmed, close-in or at range. Specializing in a their weapons of choice, a combatant elevates battle to an art, with myriad techniques and tricks to aid them on their way.

The combatant class can represent…

  • Professional soldiers and mercenaries.
  • Knights and other combat-ready nobility.
  • Self-taught defenders of their village.
  • Martial artists
  • Gladiators and prize fighters.

Skill points per level: (6 + INT modifier)

Hit Points at first level: 17 + Constitution score

Hit Points at each additional level: 7

Saves: +2 Fortitude and Reflex

Proficiencies: Cloth, Leather, and Chain Armor, Light and Heavy Shield, All Simple Weapons, All Martial Weapons

LevelClass FeaturesGeneral Features
1Weapon of Choice I, Bonus Feat, 1st TechniqueFeat, 3 Expertise Points, +2 to two Ability Scores
2Bonus Feat
32nd TechniqueFeat
4Bonus Feat+2 to one Ability Score
5Expert Maneuvers (+2), 3rd TechniqueFeat, 1 Expertise Point
6Weapon of Choice II, Bonus Feat
74th TechniqueFeat
8Bonus Feat, Back-up Weapon+2 to one Ability Score
9Weapon of Choice III, 5th TechniqueFeat

Weapon of Choice

At first level, a combatant chooses a single weapon type that is their Weapon of Choice. They gain a +1 class bonus to attack rolls and the DCs of any Techniques with their Weapon of Choice and the Weapon Capability listed in the table Weapon of Choice Weapon Capabilities.

  • At 6th level, non-basic techniques performed with the Weapon of Choice costs one (1) FP less to use.
  • At 9th level, the class bonus from Weapon of Choice increases to +2.
  • At 12th level, the combatant may perform a Basic Strike with their Weapon of Choice as a Move Action and the class bonus from Weapon of Choice increases to +3.
  • At 15th level, attacks with the Weapon of Choice ignore hardness and treat DR as if it was halved. The class bonus from Weapon of Choice increases to +4.
  • At 18th level, the class bonus from Weapon of Choice increases to +5.

Bonus Combatant Feats

Combatants gain a bonus [Combatant] feat at 1st level, 2nd level and every other level thereafter.

Combatant Techniques

Combatants gain free access to Techniques. They gain one free Technique at 1st level, 3rd level and every 4th level thereafter.

Bonus Fatigue Points

A Combatant gains additional bonus fatigue points each Combatant level equal to their CON modifier.

Expert Maneuvers

The Combatant is the supreme master of combat, easily more capable of tripping, grappling other forms of unconventional fighting. At 5th level and every 5th level thereafter, they gain a +2 bonus to CMB.

Back-Up Weapon

At 8th level, the Combatant has accepted the necessity of versatility. They may choose a second weapon category to treat as their Weapon of Choice.

Weapon of Choice Capabilities

TypeWeapon of Choice Benefit
AxeAttacks with axes deal +2 damage.
BowDouble the range increment of bows.
CrossbowLoading a crossbow is a free action.
Flexible+1 bonus to CMB for Grab and Trip rolls using flexible weapons.
HammerAttacks with hammers ignore the first 2 points of DR.
MaceAttempts to block or parry attacks with maces suffer a -2 penalty.
Long ArmsDouble the range increment of any long arm you wield.
Long BladeParry rolls with long blades have a +2 class bonus.
PolearmParry attacks made against any creature within reach with a polearm.
Short BladeDraw and sheath any short blade as a free action or as a reaction.
SlingDouble the range increment of slings.
Small ArmsFiring a Small Arm does not provoke an attack of opportunity.
ThrownDouble the range increment of thrown weapons.
UnarmedChoose Parry, Grapple, Trip or Steal. Your Unarmed attack gains that keyword.

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