Magic if the fundamental force on Ere. Not only does elemental magic permeate the environs, but every living (and many non-living) being contains within them a font of mystic power that can be used to conjure and manipulate.

For magi, either this font is more developed to the point that spellcasting is second nature, or they have sought out and refined what power they do have into a tool constantly at their command. While the layman relies on common rituals and low-intensity arrays, magi delve into old secrets and cutting edge research to create their own spells and push the limits of a power that already alters the universe.

There are many styles of spellcasting, many traditions, and with those come many names. Formal graduates of magic academies are often called wizards. Self-taught outliers take the name of sorcerer. Local spellcrafts can come to be called wise folk. Specialists can go by enchanter, conjurers, or simply spellworker.

The mage class can be used to represent…

  • Academics seeking out magical power for knowledge.
  • Natural talents who may or may not understand their powers.
  • Local witches both benevolent or not.
  • Characters with magical creatures in their lineage.

Skill points per level: (6 + INT modifier)

Hit Points at first level: 10 + Constitution score

Hit Points at each additional level: 4

Saves: +2 Reflex and Will

Proficiencies: Cloth Armor, All Simple Weapons, All Arcane Amatures

LevelClass FeaturesGeneral Features
1Arrays (Tier 1), Ritualist, Mystic EpiphanyFeat, 3 Expertise Points, +2 to two Ability Scores
2Bonus Feat
4Bonus Feat+2 to one Ability Score
5Mystic EpiphanyFeat, 1 Expertise Point
6Bonus Feat
8Bonus Feat+2 to one Ability Score
9Arrays (Tier 2)Feat


Starting at 1st level, a Mage gains the ability to cast Mage Arrays at the listed level. At first level, they know 5 first-level arrays. At each additional level, through study, experimentation and happenstance, they learn an additional array.

Bonus Spell Points

A Mage gains additional bonus spell points each Mage level equal to their CHA modifier.


Magi are taught or teach themselves the basics of rituals as part of their initial learning process. A Mage starts play knowing the prestidigitation ritual and a number of Level 0 or Level 1 Common or Uncommon rituals equal to their INT modifier.

Mystic Epiphany

Through study, meditation or self discovery, magi increase their magical capabilities even more as they advance. They gain the Mystic Affinity (as the feat) for one energy they do not already have an affinity with, a new Common or Uncommon ritual of their level or lower, or an additional array known at 1st, 5th, 10th, 15th and 20th levels.

Bonus Feat

At 2nd level and every other level thereafter, a Mage gains a bonus feat from the Mage bonus feat list or that have the [Mage] keyword.

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