Tag: uncommon items


  This weapon trembles with power—power to crush, to pound, to shake the earth.   Base: Once per turn on a successful hit, the square the target is standing in becomes difficult terrain until the start of your next turn. If the target attempts to leave the square before then, they must succeed on a […]

Spell Siphon

  Studded with vox energists, these shields come in a vast array of styles but only one purpose: to combat sorcery.   Base: This item adds one half Superiority bonus (rounded up) to AC and Reflex saves.   Whenever the wielder of this shield is targeted or caught in the area of effect of a […]


  Constructed of the finest materials and enchanted not only to fit its wearer, but to do so perfectly, resplendent armors are always elegant and flashy, commanding the attention of all.   Base: This item’s armor bonus is increased by its Superiority bonus and adds its Superiority bonus +1 to CHA checks.   Wearing resplendent […]


  Shining bronze and gold, the finish of this armor casts itself in a multitude of colors similar to a scarab’s carapace. A set of enormous plates long the back give the appearance of wing cases and the helm is designed to invoke mandibles.   Base: This item’s armor bonus is increased by its Superiority […]