Cane of the Gentleman Thief


This handsome mahogany cane it topped with a cat’s eye agate in a simple aluminum setting. When its abilities are being actively put to use, the agate emits a soft lavender light.


Base: This item adds its Superiority bonus plus 1 to Legerdemain and Stealth checks.


As a minor action, the user can tap the cane on the ground and become aware of all creatures within 5 squares of them as if they had tremorsense. This ability works through doors, walls and floors, but does not detect flying creatures.


Superiority +1: The user may attempt Mechanics checks to open locks and to disable or trigger traps at a range of 5 squares. If they do so, they gain a bonus to the Mechanics check equal to Superiority bonus.


The user also gains a bonus to CMB checks to steal equal to Superiority bonus.


Superiority +3: The jewel in the cane can emit a beam of lavender force that can latch onto objects. It can either grab objects within 5 squares weighting up to 5 pounds per point of Superiority bonus, or act as a rope and grappling hook, catching large objects and pulling the user toward them. Using either ability is a move action.


Superiority +5: Once per encounter as a minor action, the tip of the cane issues a cloud of smoke that fills all squares within 3 squares of the user. This smoke provides 100% concealment, but the user than see through it perfectly. The smoke lasts until the start of the user’s next turn.



(Superiority +1)^2 x 250gp x3

Superiority Bonus

Creation Cost













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