Extra-Dimensional House


Shaped like a flattened egg and with an enamel surface bearing the draocnic word for home in silver tracery, this item gives off a feeling of comfort and safety when held.


Base: Speaking a command word causes an ornate wooden door to appear either in a vertical surface or in empty air. This door opens only for you or those to designate as allowed to enter. As long as there are living beings inside the house, the door remains in place. When there are no living beings inside the house, the owner can dismiss the door and call it into being somewhere else.


The door is a reinforced wooden door with additional hit points equal to 5 plus five times Superiority modifier. At the owner’s command, it can be locked with the lock requiring a Mechanics check (DC 20 + two times Superiority level) to open it. The owner is instantly alerted if the door is opened without permission.


A Spellcraft check (DC 20 + two times Superiority bonus) can be made to open the door as if one had permission.


Opening the door with permission reveals a 3×3 square room with doors and hallways leading to a number of additional 3×3 rooms equal to this item’s Superiority bonus.


The owner of this item may add 1 or 2 square wide hallways, mundane non-functional decorations and mage lights as per the spell as well as configure the rooms as they please. Items created with the power of this item cannot exist outside of the house, but other items can be brought into the house as normal.


Superiority +2: The house can produce hot and cold running water and drainage in any area of the house from any sort of water fixture the owner imagines. The owner can also alter the temperature of the house up to twenty degrees above or below room temperature and create furniture as they desire.


The rooms of the house can be reconfigured so as to combine their size to create a larger room. The owner may also now add stairs, creating multiple levels.


Superiority +4: The number of 3×3 rooms the house contains increases to twice Superiority bonus.



(Superiority +1)^2 x 250gp x5

Superiority Bonus

Creation Cost













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