Tag: psi

Force the False Step

Force the False Step – Reaction – 3SP – S [Array 1 – Psi, Mind-Effecting, Domination] A swarm of false sensory information causes your enemy to stumble in the direction you intend.   As a Reaction triggered by a creature within 10 squares taking a Move Action, the target must succeed on a Will save […]

Charm, Least

Charm, Least – Standard Action – 3SP – V [Array 1 – Psi, Mind-Effecting, Charm] A bit of magic makes another see you in a friendlier light.   Choose one creature within 1 square. That target must succeed on a Will save or you gain a + 5 plus 1 per 2 levels spell bonus […]

Benevolent Pathos, Minor

Benevolent Pathos, Minor – Standard Action – 3SP – V,S [Array 1 – Psi, Emotion, Mind-Effecting] You reach into the target’s mind and bring a positive emotion to the surface.   Target one creature within 20 squares. They gain one of the following benefits:   Bravado: The target gains a +4 spell bonus to their […]

Agony Beam

Agony Beam – Standard Action – 3SP – V,S [Array 1 – Psi, Mind-Effecting, Beam] A beam of psi energy extends from your palm or ajna chakra, smiting the target with pure pain as if their nerves were on fire.   One target within 20 squares must succeed on a Reflex save or take CHA […]