Force the False Step

Force the False Step – Reaction – 3SP – S

[Array 1 – Psi, Mind-Effecting, Domination]

A swarm of false sensory information causes your enemy to stumble in the direction you intend.


As a Reaction triggered by a creature within 10 squares taking a Move Action, the target must succeed on a Will save or lose its Move Action and instead moves up to half its speed to whatever square you choose. This movement provokes attacks of opportunity. If the movement would move the target into a square that contains a hazard the target is aware of (such as an open pit), it may make an additional saving throw. If that saving throw succeeds, the target halts its movement before entering that square.


At 9th level, the target may move up to its full speed.


At 18th level, the target may move up to twice full speed.

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