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Shape Metal

Shape Metal – Full Round Action – 3SP – V,S [Array 1 – Ferif, Alteration] Metals mold and transform at your command.   Choose one of the following effects: Destroy one unattended, adjacent, non-magical metal item weighting no more than 5 pounds +1 per level such as a grappling hook, door hinge, or lock. If […]

Ferrous Lash

Ferrous Lash – Standard Action – 3SP – V,S [Array 1 – Ferif] Imbued with magical power, a piece of flexible metal reaches out and grasps a creature maneuvering it at your will.   One creature within 3 squares must succeed on a Reflex save or take 1d10 + CHA modifier bludgeoning damage and be […]


Coppergonne – Standard Action – 3SP – V,S,SF [Array 1 – Ferif] You hold a copper or similar item between your fingers and then launch it at high speeds toward your enemy.   Make a ranged attack roll against one target with an incremental range of 5 squares. On a hit, deal 1d10 + CHA […]

Blood Sanction

Blood Sanction – Standard Action – 3SP – V,S [Array 1 – Ferif, Alteration] Focusing the power of ferif allows you to manipulate your enemy’s blood or introduce iron sand into their body allowing you to cause them crippling agony.   One creature within 10 squares must succeed on a Fortitude save or become distracted […]

Armor Virtuoso

Armor Virtuoso – Standard Action – 3SP – V,S [Array 1 – Ferif, Alteration] You’ve focused your kinship with metal on the study of that which protects: how to create, enhance and weaken.   When you cast this spell choose one version of the spell: Armor Bane: One creature within 5 squares wearing metal or […]