Coppergonne – Standard Action – 3SP – V,S,SF

[Array 1 – Ferif]

You hold a copper or similar item between your fingers and then launch it at high speeds toward your enemy.


Make a ranged attack roll against one target with an incremental range of 5 squares. On a hit, deal 1d10 + CHA modifier + ½ level piercing damage. This spell ignores an amount of DR vs physical damage equal to your INT modifier.


At 9th level, this damage increases to 2d10 + CHA modifier + ½ level.


At 18th level, this damage increases to 3d10 + CHA modifier + ½ level.


Special: You may cast this spell whenever you would be allowed to make a ranged Basic Strike.


Spell Focus: A copper coin or a metallic item of similar size worth at least 1cp. This item is destroyed after being fired.


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