Natives to the world of Ere, goblins survived the cataclysm that ended the world five thousand years before the arrival of the Vishnari peoples. The dominant goblin culture views Death as a dark god who they are uniquely fated to slay; breeding to the point that the choke death itself with sheer numbers.

This has led to a unique scenario where, with the mature members of their number tasked with breeding, the adolescents and teens are the leaders and workforce of typical goblin warrens. Forced to grow wise beyond their relative years, young goblins either work tirelessly for the betterment of their people or to break the cycle that will require them to give up duties and desires once they reach a certain age.

Goblins are small folk with skin tones ranging from the prototypical green and yellow to oranges and browns. They have ears with a shape reminiscent of bat wings and flat, wide heads with mouths just as wide and toothsome besides.


Game Statistics

Size: Small
Base Speed: 5 squares
Languages: Common, Orci plus any one other Language

Senses: Goblins have Darkvision 12 squares


Small Size

Goblins gain a +1 species bonus to attack and a +2 species bonus to damage when wielding Small weapons.

If a goblin uses a Medium weapon, they do so as if it were one step larger in terms of handedness. Light weapons are one-handed, one-handed weapons are two-handed, goblins cannot wield Medium two-handed weapons.


Preternatural Survival

Over thousands of years, goblins have developed a drive to endure borders on the supernatural. They gain the Preternatural Survival ability:

Preternatural Survival – Reaction – Encounter

As a Reaction triggered by you taking damage that would reduce you to 0 or fewer HP, your HP becomes 5 instead.


Rapid Recovery

Whenever a goblin regains HP or gains Temporary HP from a Healing effect or from rest, they gain additional HP or temporary HP equal to their CON modifier.


Goblin Backgrounds


Small Stature Fighting [Background, Goblin]

Goblins rely on their small size and mobility to get well inside the enemy’s guard to deliver devastating attacks.

Benefit: You gain the following benefits.

  • You may move through enemy squares as long as you do not end their movement in an enemy square. Doing so provokes an attack of opportunity. If you make an attack roll against an enemy whose space you currently occupy, you gain a +2 circumstance bonus to the attack.

  • You may occupy an ally’s space. If you do, you are considered to be flanking with that ally.

  • As a Reaction triggered by a creature larger then you using a reaction to make an attack of opportunity against you, you may choose to cause that attack to miss.


Sate the Maw Tradition

The unique way goblins worship Death in the form of the Maw allows some a special connection to the power of nekras.

Benefit: You gain the following benefits:

  • Gain Anima Affinity as a bonus feat

  • Gain black blade as a bonus spell known.

  • +1 species bonus to the DC of Nekras spells

  • +2 species bonus to Spellcraft checks involving Nekras effects and rituals.

  • +2 species bonus per tier to damage from Nekras spells and summoned or conjured Undead creatures.


Goblin Exclusive Feats

Goblin Whelp

Goblins start adventuring younger than most. You happen to be so young it is genuinely discomforting to many sapient enemies to fight.

Benefit: You gain a +2 species bonus to AC vs non-Mindless enemies who have not seen you attack or use harmful effects against their allies.


Improved Preternatural Survival [Goblin]

Passing close to the veil of death ignites a verve and vigor unmatched by your fellows.

Benefit: When using your Preternatural Survival ability, you may spend a Vitality to have your HP become 5 + CON score instead of 5.


Geometric Knack [Goblin]

Goblin brains process distance, speed and other spacial information differently from others. When it is applied and trained, it grants them a marked advantage in several fields of science and mathematics as well as combat.

Benefit: You gain a +2 species bonus to AC vs ranged attacks and Reflex saves vs Beams and Rays as long as you can see the source of the attack.

You gain a +2 species bonus to Mechanics checks and Knowledge (Sciences) checks made when dealing with issues of geometry and physics.


Scrambler [Goblin]

Used to the push and shove of life in the warrens, goblins are very good at rolling with such violence.

Benefit: Whenever you are the subject of a Push, Pull or Reposition effect, you may adjust one square at the end of the forced movement.

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