Abandoned by the archfey that created them, the elven people along with many other fey were rescued by the goddess Sylph the First, who brought them to the World of Ere. There, they became masters of merging the wild with civilization, growing massive tree cities known as elfhames and becoming the ambassadors to the world for other species saved by the Vishnari gods.

Elves are tall, lean and dark skinned with long ears that stick out from the sides of their heads and large, expressive eyes. Aside from dwarves, they are the longest lived of the common folk of Ere, balancing both mystical aptitude with athleticism.


Game Statistics

Size: Medium
Base Speed: 6 squares, Climb 4 squares
Languages: Common and Elven

Senses: Elves have Low-light vision 12 squares.

Arboreal Build
Elves gain a +2 species bonus to Acrobatics and Athletics.

When making an Acrobatics or Athletics check to Jump, Climb or Swim, elves roll twice and take the better result.


Elf Ears
Elves gain a +2 species bonus on Perception checks made that involve hearing.


Elven Tenacity

You gain the Elven Tenacity ability:

Elven Tenacity – Reaction – Encounter

As a Reaction triggered by you failing a saving throw against an effect that a save can end, you may immediately re-roll the triggering saving throw.


Elf Backgrounds

Woodland Hunter [Background, Elf]
You are used to hunting in deep forests and compensating for screening foliage.

Benefit: You gain the following benefits:

  • +4 species bonus to attack rolls vs enemies with concealment

  • You never risk hitting an ally when firing into melee

  • Making ranged attacks with a bow does not provoke an attack of opportunity

  • You gain a +2 species bonus to Perception checks and Initiative rolls

  • Your movement is unhindered by plant-based difficult terrain, even forms created by magic. This does not prevent other effects of such terrain, such as entangling or ongoing damage


Lifeweaver Mystic Tradition [Background, Elf]
The elves of the Tresholm sculpt their homes and businesses from living wood and plants.You know the least of these secrets.

Benefit: You gain the following benefits:

  • Gain Anima Affinity as a bonus feat

  • Gain minor plant shaping as a bonus spell known

  • +1 species bonus to the DC of Vitae spells

  • + 2 species bonus to Spellcraft checks involving Vitae effects and rituals

  • When taking a Short Rest, you may spend 5SP to regain 1 Vitality


Tresholmi Weapon Traditions [Background, Elf]
You have trained as a warrior of the Tresholmi people and are familiar with the standard weapons they use.

Benefit: You gain the following benefits:

  • Gain proficiency with Long Blades and Bows

  • Gain Advanced Proficiency with the bastard sword

  • +1 species bonus to AC when wearing Leather or Chain armor

  • +2 species bonus to CMD vs Grab, Grapple and Trip

  • +1 species bonus to CMB to Trip.

  • Once per encounter, you may adjust 2 squares instead of one


Elf Exclusive Feats

Extreme Tenacity [Elf]

Even among other elves, you have an impressive perseverance that pushes you to try again and again in the face of failure.

Benefit: Your Elven Tenacity ability recharges whenever you fail the reroll it provides.


Aural Training [Elf]

You’ve honed your naturally sharp hearing to be almost as good for detection as sight.

Benefit: As long as you are able to hear, you have Blindsense 6.


Super-Mobile Offense [Elf]

Most elven fighting styles lean on the lithe, swift musculature of most elves to mount an ever-shifting offensive.

Benefit: Once per turn when you hit with an attack or miss by 5 or less, you may adjust 1 square.


Tenacious Caster [Elf]

Mustering your concentration, you power through casting against even the most intense pain or distraction.

Benefit: You may use your Elven Tenacity ability as a Reaction triggered by you failing a Concentration check to cast or maintain a spell. If you do so, you may reroll the triggering check.

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