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Vox Press

Vox Press – Standard Action – 3SP – V, S [Array 1 – Vox, Gravity] The power of vox amplifies the power of gravity in a set area, crushing all within to the ground.   Target one square within 20 squares. That square and all adjacent squares become a zone for 1 round +1 per […]


Translocation – Move Action – 3SP – S [Array 1 – Vox, Teleportation] Some would say the ultimate vox technique is bending space itself to move an object from one point to another without passing through the intervening space.   One willing creature or unattended object touched is teleported up to 3 squares.   At […]

Spell Breaker, Least

Spell Breaker, Least – Reaction or Standard Action – 3SP – V [Array 1 – Vox, Dispelling] The least spell breaker is a crude mystic blade designed to attempt to cut through the energies that form spells.   You may cast this spell targeting any spell effect within 5 squares with a duration less than […]

Plane of Force

Plane of Force – Move Action – 3SP – V, S [Array 1 – Vox, Conjuration, Force] The power of the void is also the power of Force. Even minor vox magi can conjure small force cosntructs to serve their various needs.   You conjure into being a plane of force in any shape, but […]

Aetheric Arbalest

Aetheric Arbalest – Standard Action – 3SP – V, S [Array 1 – Vox, Force] You conjure a font of aether which you are able to project as unerring bolts of damaging force.   Aether begins to erupt forth from your hand. You are considered wielding this font of energy in that hand. One target […]