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Vivify – Move Action – 3SP – V, S [Array 1 – Vitae, Healing] You wrap thin film of vitae around a creature, filling them with vigor.   The target gains +10 temporary HP and a +2 spell bonus to saving throws for 1 round + 1 round per level.   This spell cannot be […]


Rejuvenation – Standard Array – 3SP – V, S [Array 1 – Vitae, Healing] You carefully channel life energy into a living creature in such a way as to heal them.   A living creature you touch may spend 1 Vitality and regain HP equal to their Reeling value + your CHA modifier and the […]

Plant Shaping

Plant Shaping Tier 1 Array [Array 1 – Vitae, Plant, Alteration] By infusing vitae into nearby plants, you are able to accelerate and control their growth in a number of beneficial ways.   You channel vitae into the area around you, slightly animating the plants. Choose one: Leaf Razor: 1 square of grass or leafy […]

Life Sense

Life Sense – Standard Action – 3SP – V, S [Array 1 – Vitae] You manipulate the connection you have with vitae in order to sense living things around you.   You become aware of the number of living beings within 10 squares and gain a spell bonus to Perception checks equal to 5 plus […]

Fungal Growth

Fungal Growth – Standard Action – 3SP – V, S [Array 1 – Vitae, Disease] Proper application of vitae causes fungi to grow rampant all over your foe’s body. More healing only fuels the growth.   One target within 5 squares must succeed on a Fortitude saving throw or become distracted and take ongoing poison […]