Plant Shaping

Plant Shaping Tier 1 Array

[Array 1 – Vitae, Plant, Alteration]

By infusing vitae into nearby plants, you are able to accelerate and control their growth in a number of beneficial ways.


You channel vitae into the area around you, slightly animating the plants. Choose one:

  • Leaf Razor: 1 square of grass or leafy plants within 5 squares becomes difficult terrain for 1 round + 1 round per level and deals 2d4 damage to any creature that enters it and any creature that starts their turn in it.

  • Branch Ladder: One tree within 5 squares grows branches that allow it to be climbed as if it were a ladder.

  • Tangling Vines: 1 square containing vines or tendrils within 5 squares becomes difficult terrain for 1 round + 1 round per level and entangles (Reflex negates) creatures entering it or starting their turn in it.

  • Reshape: 1 cube of living plant matter within 5 squares takes on the shape of any non-complex item that is normally made from wood or plant fiber. Unless it is a staff or club, any weapons created in this way are Improvised weapons. The created item is rough and worth roughly 1/4 of the cost of a crafted version. With each casting, you can add 1 more cube of mass mass to an object created in this way.

  • Reshape 2: This use grants a +5 to an expertise roll to craft an item out of plant matter, but in this case, the plant matter must still be living at the start of crafting. For example, you may start to craft a wooden buckler, but first, you must shape it out of a living tree with this spell.

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