Tag: level 0 rituals

Aesthetic Alteration

[Accelerated Ritual] Because sometimes nature needs a little help looking good. Level 0, R2 Reagents: None Casting Time: 10 minutes Affinity: Universal Spellcraft DC: 10 You perform minor alterations to your appearance or the appearance of a willing creature, including, by not limited to the following: The length, color and style of your hair. Eyebrows […]

Detect Magic

An invisible, intangible web of vox spreads out over the area, transmitting to the caster information about the energies being manipulated there. Level 0, R1 Reagents: A pinch of specially prepared iron sand worth 5cp Casting Time: Standard Action Affinity: Vox Spellcraft DC: 10 For the next minute, you gain the following abilities:   Detect […]

Mage Light

A glowing orb of light appears and obeys your mental commands. Level 0, R1 Reagents: None Casting Time: Move Action Affinity: Flaer Spellcraft DC: 5 You call into being an orb of light that sheds bright light in the square it occupies. The conjured light can be any color you wish. Creatures can pass through […]

Personal Sigil

A mystical sigil of your own design is emblazoned on an object. Level 0, R1 Reagents: 1cp worth of ink or other marking material Casting Time: 1 minute Affinity: Universal Spellcraft DC: 5 A single object you touch becomes emblazoned with a sigil of your personal design. This mark can be no larger than 1 […]


Known as minor miracle or least wish in some circles, prestidigitation is almost universally taught as the first spell any magic user knows. Level 0, R1 Reagents: None Casting Time: Standard Action Affinity: Universal Spellcraft DC: 5 When you cast prestidigitation, choose one of the following effects: Alter the sensory output of a touched object […]